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This configuration file defines some paths needed by PICA. It's a defaults environment with some definitions. There is one special definition, protecteddirs, with a list of directories never to be deleted, under any circumstances (this list is checked every time PICA is about to delete some directory recursively). Here's a pica.conf sample file:

defaults {
   picaroot  = /var/lib/pica;               # config files
   picatmp   = /var/lib/pica/tmp;
   picasrc   = /var/lib/pica/src;           # distribution files
   picainclude = /usr/lib/pica/include;

   sshpath   = '/usr/local/bin/ssh '; # ssh binary
   diffpath  = '/usr/bin/diff'; # diff binary for -f command
   tarpath   = '/bin/tar';      # tar binary
   rsyncpath = '/usr/local/bin/rsync';

   protecteddirs {

Note that here we define only local directories and not remote directories. The list of local directories is:

The root of the PICA local directories. It's used to build the rest of them, unless explicitly defined.
The directory were temporal files will be put.
The directory to put the source objects in.
A colon-separated list of directories to search include files in. See the Perl PreProcessor documentation for details.

Esteban Manchado Velázquez 2002-12-13