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Basic syntax

All the configuration files share a common syntax, similar to that of the DNS config files. Before being read, they are parsed by the Perl PreProcessor. Generally speaking, there are properties and constants, assigned to those properties. The properties must match the following regex:


That is, letters, slashes, dots and hyphens, in whatever order you want. Note that there are some reserved words, that vary between configuration files.

On the other hand, constants come in three flavours:

The same as properties.
Single quoted constants
Whatever you want to put between single quotes, including (but not limited to ;-)) single quotes, as $\backslash$'.
Double quoted constants
Whatever you want to put between double quotes, including double quotes, as $\backslash$".

Please note that the difference between single and double quotes is purely aesthetic. Just a last note: everything is case-sensitive in every configuration file!

Esteban Manchado Velázquez 2002-12-13