Current stable version: 0.4.1
Current bleeding version: CVS (devel-0_5 tag)
  I don't know Perl. What can I do?  
  There are two solutions; the Good Solution (TM), learn Perl; the Bad Solution (TM), use another program :-)  
  Why are those magenta color changes there?  
  Heck! You're viewing this page with Internet Explorer. If you use that browser.... I don't think you need this program too much :-)  
  Where's the documentation?  
  The documentation for the stable branch is, basically, an article written for SysAdmin. The bleeding branch documentation is available here. Anyway, it's not so hard to understand given some sample config files and a little PIKT knowledge.  
  If there's an implicit alarms group, why not a files one?  
  Uhm... too hard to implement, not very useful, and you can get it saying +F all -F alarms anyway.  
  What the hell is the "bleeding" version?  
  It's sort of a development version... Only it's more like a CVS nightly snapshot. I like that expression because it suggests both that it's a "bleeding edge" version and that it probably bleeds :-).  
  I don't believe PICA stands for Perl Installation and Configuration Agent. What does it really mean?  
  Well, you got us. It really stands for "PICA Is for C{ompetent,ompulsive,razy} Admins", he. BTW, in Spanish, "pica" means both "itches" (as in "it itches") and "pike"... and "goad", and "spade" :-).  
  Analogously, I don't believe PIFIA stands for PICA Framework for Integrated Alarms. What does it really mean?  
  Well... It does mean that... the joke here is that "pifia", in Spanish, means "blunder", he.  
  Why do you spell Perceval as `Perseval'?  
  What's `picon-scratch' (from the SysAdmin article)?  
  Listen to this ;-).  
  perseval environments don't work!  
  Be sure not to declare variables as lexical (with my). Declare them as
    use vars qw($myscalar @mylist %myhash);
Otherwise, it won't work.